Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii U?

The well-received crossover series by Disney and Square Enix, known as Kingdom Hearts is something very dear to a lot of our hearts (no pun intended). We've all been attached to this amazing, complex storyline since the original title was released in 2002. Since then, 8 more games have added on to the series. All these games being released on either Sony or Nintendo platforms/handhelds. We've waited for Kingdom Hearts 3 since the cliffhanger ending on Kingdom Hearts 2, nearly 8 years ago.

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As most KH fans are aware of, Kingdom Hearts 3 was just recently announced back in June of this year. However, it was only confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 4, and oddly enough, the Xbox One. This is the first Kingdom Hearts title to ever be announced for a Microsoft platform. My personal issue with this, is why introduce this long-awaited third installment to a completely new audience, and not deliver it to one that has been with the series all along? I am very upset with this and hope a Wii U version is announced sometime.

Rumors have been spreading that the title might head to Wii U after all, but keep in mind these are simply rumors. The good news is, the game has just begun development stages, so they have some time to make announcements regarding this.

Tell me, what do you guys think? Should Kingdom Hearts 3 come to Wii U or not?

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