Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Game Informer Gives A Link Between Worlds a Perfect Score of 10

Game Informer has just reviewed the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and has given it a score of 10/10. Being the follow-up title to A Link to the Past, high expectations are very common for A Link Between Worlds. Game Informer listed the following about the game:
  • Game Informer was impressed with the rental system and how it makes death a scary prospect.
  • Heart piece puzzles are clever.
  • Loved how drawing mechanic causes you to look at the game from a whole different perspective.
  • The game has some of the best dungeons and boss battles Link has ever experienced.
  • Some bosses are old, most are new.
  • The dungeons can be done in any order and there is no hand holding.
  • All items are available from the outset, leaving you free to explore at your convenience.
  • While the world map layout is highly similar to A Link to the Past, there are still a lot of tweaks and it’s not a simple copy and paste job.
“I want to let the experience roll around in my brain for a while before I decide where it ranks among the best entries in the franchise, but I can say with confidence that it should be spoken in the same breath as A Link to the Past. In every way, A Link Between Worlds is exactly what you want out of a Zelda game.”

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