Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata explained during a conference held in Osaka this morning that one of the problems with the Kyoto based company is that it hasn’t targeted children enough. Iwata remains resolute and says that he’s “thinking on how to make the company stand up again.” We should hear how Nintendo plans to turn itself around during the investors meeting which takes place tomorrow.
“We haven’t been targeting children enough.”
Update 3: Various NeoGAF members have been trying to clarify Iwata’s statement and it’s as follows: “We haven’t been targeting children enough” or ”Our approach to targeting children has been inadequate”
Update 2: Dual Shockers stand by their translation and say that Iwata said Nintendo hasn’t been targeting children enough. This is verified by a NeoGAF member too.
Update 1: It appears as though Dual Shockers may have mistranslated the original article. Apologies.

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