Monday, October 13, 2014

First Impressions of New Nintendo 3DS

The day the New Nintendo 3DS launched, Japanese gamers ran out to purchase the new console. Now that the console has been out for a few days, let's hear some thoughts and impressions from the owners of the new portable.

Thoughts on the new C-stick
  • “The C-stick is actually pretty good!”
  • “It’s much better than I’d imagined.”
  • “I thought the C-stick would be useful, but it really is totally different to what I’d imagined. The rubber feels very hard on the tip of my thumb.”
  • “The C-stick is pretty much as I expected it would be. Those of you who have used a Thinkpad laptop’s red button can probably imagine how it feels.
The larger, improved screens
  • “The new anti-blur screen far exceeded my expectations.”
  • “The 3-D screen is superb! It’s so much easier to see.”
  • “I was surprised at how much better the new 3-D screen works.”
  • “Colours on the New LL’s screen are deeper than the old model.”
  • “The whites are a kind of pee-yellow…”
  • “The New 3DS’ screens seem yellower than the old 3DS’.”
  • “Yup, Nintennyo [nyo means urine in Japanese] 3DS.”
The wood effect
  • “A lot of people are saying good things about the wood-effect [cover].”
  • “[Nintendo] should just launch the New 3DS in wood as standard.”
  • “I changed my covers from standard black to wood-effect–it’s really cool. I like the way, when [the 3DS is closed], it almost doesn’t look like a portable games console.”
More thoughts
  • “Moving to the Home menu is super fast”
  • “Overall, the console is much speedier than the old one.”
  • “Launching and closing applications, opening the browser etc is much faster.”
  • “It doesn’t feel as good [to touch] as the old one.”
  • “The New 3DS feels cheaper than the old model to me. It’s more toy-like.”
  • “How does the slide pad feel compared to those on previous models?”
    > “The same.”
    > “The slide pad’s surround is now shallower, so it looks easier to clean. The pad itself hasn’t really changed.”
  • “The Start and Select buttons are now much more accessible.”
  • “The speakers seem a bit more powerful now.”
  • “I’m seriously impressed at how the sound quality has improved between the LL and New LL.”
  • “I tried loading the Niconico Douga app. Compared to the Vita version it’s pretty bad, but I guess it can’t be helped.”
  • “Monster Hunter on the New 3DS is just too good.”
  • “I have no regrets about upgrading.”

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