Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meme Run - The Wii U Game You'll Wish You Never Knew

I'm still having a hard time believing that this exists, even as I type this post. Today, the

Nintendo eShop was updated, and among the new games that were added was Meme Run.

I'm not quite sure how this game was approved by Nintendo. I'm also not sure what 

justifies the price of $4.99 for this game. Basically, to sum it up, I don't get it. Here's the

Nintendo eShop description for Meme Run:

Stop reading if you are not a member of the illuminati. This is an encrypted message for illuminati members only:
Introducing Meme Run! The only game in the world where you can go on an infinite running experience while dodging 360 noscopes and dank memes. The longer you stay alive, the more swag points you will earn. Collect illuminati’s and wombo combo's to gain a multiplier to your swag points. Terrain is randomly generated which makes every experience danker. So m8, what are you waiting for? Tyrone rated the game 8/8 which means it’s not b8 so come play m8.
  • Funny Memes
  • Extremely Difficult Gameplay
  • Much Swag Very Wow
  • Awesome Original Air Horn Soundtrack
  • Tyrone Rates Meme Run 8/8

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