Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dixie Kong and Waluigi Amiibo Appear on Ebay

amiibo dixie kong custom nintendo figure

Its very clear that Nintendo's Amiibo figures have been very successful and become quite the trend. However, this takes everything to a whole new level of crazy. An eBay seller has put up for sale two custom Amiibo figures. One is Dixie Kong and the other is Waluigi. The quality of these products is quite amazing. You can see that it has what appears to be official boxing (obviously its not actually official). Both figures are available for 'Buy it Now' at US $199.99. Let me know what you think of these figures in the comments! Can't wait to see more. You can see the Dixie Kong eBay listing here and the Waluigi one here.


  1. Why do they have the Smash Logo???

    1. Why does the box have it or the platform they're standing on?