Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tetris Pulled From the Nintendo eShop

tetris gameboy game boy cover case color nintendo original

Last November, Nintendo of Europe advised that the Game Boy Virtual Console version of Tetris, and the retail version of the same name be pulled from the shelves by the end of 2014. No specific reason was given. However, this was around the time that Ubisoft's Tetris Ultimate arrived on the 3DS. So it might have been due to licensing issues. 

It seems that the same has happened for North America, except without any warning. So, the original Game Boy version of Tetris and the 2011 3DS title, Tetris Axis, are no longer available for purchase.

I for one am extremely sad to have seen this all happen. Let's not forgot that it was none other than Tetris that gave Nintendo's Game Boy the boost it needed. That's what lead to much of Nintendo's success of the console.

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